A simulator focused on waiting for the bus


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Mundane is a game where you wait for the bus. Yes, in Mundane your goal is to patiently wait until the bus arrives while listening in on other people's lives. Or not.

In the game, your character has to take the bus to get to the office, but he doesn't know which one to take. So ... you wait at the bus stops until the right one comes, and then take it to get to your destination.

While you wait, you can listen to other people's conversations, take a look around, or simply turn on your MP3 player and avoid everything around you.

The graphics in Mundane are really elegant, featuring excellent pixel-art that cleverly uses colors to create a sad and oppressive atmosphere.

Mundane is a unique but entertaining interactive experience in which, despite what it might look like, you actually can lose. Lose in a game where you have to wait for a bus? Play it and find out!
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